Delaware Satsang is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

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To help limit the spread of COVID-19, world health officials have called on individuals, communities, and organizations to do their part. Much advice has been given to faith organizations to prevent wider transmission, including strong preventive steps at in-person gatherings.

In particular, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United States’ Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have recommended that people 60 years or older avoid group gatherings. In some locations, the government has suspended large gatherings altogether.

At the individual level, we encourage you to follow the health practices recommended by your local, regional, and national health authorities. You can also visit the websites of WHO or the CDC for additional resources.

Eckankar is also paying close attention to the daily COVID-19 updates. It’s especially important that we offer the best service to you, our members, as well as to spiritual seekers and the wider communities in which we live.

While we would prefer to see in-person events take place, the recommended steps to prevent COVID-19 transmission would strain the volunteer resources that form the heart of the ECK organization in the field. It would also shift the focus of our events away from the spiritual teachings.

For these reasons, the Regional ECK Spiritual Aides (RESAs) have been notified that all group ECK events and activities are suspended worldwide until further notice.  During this time, we will continue to evaluate the next best steps for ECK activities and events.

This suspension includes:

  • Satsang Classes
  • HU Chants
  • Book Discussions
  • ECK Light and Sound Services
  • Sound of Soul Events
  • Meetups
  • Spiritual Discussions
  • All other ECK gatherings
  • Note: ESA sessions and ECK initiations are not group events and may be conducted.

In lieu of outer gatherings, we are considering easy ways to hold some ECK activities via phone, online, Skype, and Zoom. Your RESA and regional ECK society will have more information for you soon.

*   *   *

In times like these, ECKists have much to share with families, friends, co-workers, and the world. Each of you is a potential light in the world and we thank you for your love and understanding.

Here is a profound contemplation seed from the Master:

A quickening of the spiritual currents is in the works. The purification of Souls will speed up. The tables of politics, economics, and order in society are due to turn upside down. There will be unrest of the deepest kind. 

But you will feel at peace.

Something will always be boiling over in human affairs. Yet sanctuary, peace, and contentment are in ready supply in the higher states of consciousness. The Spiritual Exercises of ECK are your means to enter them. They will be your solace. They are the springboard to love divine, to a love that excels all other things. 

Take heart, for the sun shines on all who love God, the ECK, and the Mahanta.

—Sri Harold Klemp, June 2005 Mystic World, “Ask the Master”

Discussion Classes


Delaware Satsang is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
August 16, 2020    11:00AM

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An Edge for Health: 

   “HU, the secret name of God, opens you as a channel for the greater healing of Divine Spirit.

Every thought, word, or deed either purifies or pollutes the body.  This is very important, very powerful, because it deals with your state of consciousness.

     If, at some point, you need an edge for health or for peace of mind, look to what ‘s coming into your world.  Look to your form of music, or your form of news.  Be aware of whatever ways you let the external world into your internal world.

     What’s coming in is going to go back out.  Then it rebounds like an echo and returns to you.  It strengthens and grows to have a very strong influence in your life.  This influence can be for either beneficial things or harmful things.  So the choice is yours.

  Every thought, word, or deed either purifies or pollutes your body.

     The HU song is a purifier.  It will uplift and strengthen you in wisdom and awareness.”

                                                 The Sound of Soul, Sri Harold Klemp, p. 22-23

Newark Co-op  (directions)
230 E. Main Street, Community Room A, Newark, DE 19711                         An excerpt from a talk by Sri Harold Klemp the Spiritual Leader of ECKANKAR, on The Tension of Living, followed by a discussion.                TBA     6:30 pm – 7:30 pm


Appoquinimink Community Library
651 N Broad Street, Middletown, DE 19709


Newark Library, 750 Library Ave.
Newark, DE

ECK Light and Sound Services

The public is warmly invited to attend our ECK Light and Sound Service. Each service includes a spiritual exercise called HU, talks, music, and a group discussion of spiritual principles you can use to improve your daily life.

Topics can include: Past Lives, Dreams, Divine Love, and Soul Travel as listed below.
Join others seeking to bring more insight and divine love into their lives at this special celebration of the Light and Sound of God.

Every third Sunday months 11:00 AM – 12:00 Noon
Dover Modern Maturity Center (directions)

Sound of SOUL Event

A Sound of Soul Event is an opportunity to experience HU, a love song to God in a group setting.

HU is woven into the language of life. It is the Sound of all sounds. It is the wind in the leaves, falling rain, thunder of jets, singing of birds, the awful rumble of a tornado. . . . Its sound is heard in laughter, weeping, the din of city traffic, ocean waves, and the quiet rippling of a mountain stream. And yet, the word HU is not God. It is a word people anywhere can use to address the Originator of Life.         Harold Klemp

Every third Sunday of the month
Modern Maturity, Dover, DE (Directions)


and Sound of Soul Events

The 2020 Sound of Soul & the Celebration of Light & Sound Events

January 2020
January 19, 2020, The Sound of Soul Event @ Modern Maturity, Dover
Host: Arnold Lewis

February 2020
February 16, 2020, The Sound of Soul Event @ Modern Maturity, Dover
Host: Eleanor Siyon

March 2020
March 15, 2020, Spiritual Evolution (The Celebration of Light & Sound Service) @ Modern Maturity, Dover
“Each new experience, each new situation of life, widens the outlook of the chela and brings about a subtle transformation within himself. Thus, the nature of every chela who is earnest and serious about the works of ECK is changing constantly, not only on account of the conditions of life, but by the constant addition of new impressions, the structure of the mind becomes ever more diverse and complex.”
The Shariyat Ki-Sugmad, Book 1&2, pg. 336
Host: Arnold Lewis

April 2020
April 19, 2020, The Sound of Soul Event @ Modern Maturity, Dover
Host: Jim Slocum

May 2020
May 17, 2020, Understanding the ECK Power (the Celebration of Light & Sound Service) @ Modern Maturity, Dover
“Therefore, all things which serve as obstacles in life must be considered as aids on the path of ECK. The underlying principle is that all trials and tribulations must be regarded as aids to spiritual living.
…Ignorance of the divine knowledge will bring terror and fright of many things which have no power to harm man. But in the face of it all and by using the ECK power, man can dispense with such things which are considered evil in his life and hold back his progress toward the spiritual goals.”
The Shariyat Ki-Sugmad, Book 1&2, pg. 326
Host: Kapell Tilghman

June 2020
June 21, 2019, The Sound of Soul Event @ Modern Maturity, Dover
Host: Arnold Lewis

July 2020
July 19, 2020, The Secret Teaching of Eckankar (the Celebration of Light & Sound Service) @ Modern Maturity, Dover
“The greater secret, therefore, is that the only secret is that all things are secret. When one takes up the path of Eckankar, it is learned that those who have preceded him had little more knowledge than he and that they learned little more than he during their respective lifetimes upon their planet. This great secret that all is secret remains a mystery throughout the ages, and since few, if any, can resolve it, the unknowable stays in the hands of the ECKist.”
The Shariyat Ki-Sugmad, Book 1&2, pg. 300
Host: Afum Ofum

August 2020
August 16, 2020, The Sound of Soul Event @ Modern Maturity, Dover
Host: Sandra Chambers

September 2020
September 20, 2020, The Law of Spiritual Growth (the Celebration of Light & Sound Service) @ Modern Maturity, Dover
“Truth cannot be taken as one’s own discovery, but it has to be continually rediscovered. It has to be reformed and transformed if its meaning, its living value, and spiritual nourishment are to be preserved. This is known as the Law of Spiritual Growth, which results in the necessity to experience the same truth in ever-new forms, and to cultivate and propagate not so much the results, but the methods through which Soul obtains knowledge, experience, and reality.”
The Shariyat Ki-Sugmad, Book 1&2, pg. 433
Host: Eleanor Siyon

October 2020
October 18, 2020, The Sound of Soul Event @ Modern Maturity, Dover
Host: Afum Ofum

November 2020
November 15, 2020, The Benefits of Spiritual Growth (the Celebration of Light & Sound Service) @ Modern Maturity, Dover
“Without effort, spiritual development is impossible. Without the help of the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, it is also impossible. After this, the chela must understand that, in the way of development, man becomes a different being and must learn and understand in what sense and in which direction he must become a different being: that is, what a different being is and means to the spiritual senses.”
The Shariyat Ki-Sugmad, Book 1&2, pg. 292
Host: Afum Ofum

December 2020
December 20, 2020, The Sound of Soul Event @ Modern Maturity, Dover
Host: Meg Kappel

Upcoming Regional Seminars