The Sound of Soul Event will alternate with the Celebration of Light and Sound and will be the second Sunday each month at 11 am at Modern Maturity Center in Dover, DE.

The following are offered from 11-12 noon at the Modern Maturity building in Dover:

Sunday, November 21 Sound of Soul Event Host: Jim Slocum

Sunday, December 19 Celebration of Light and Sound Host: Kappel

12/19 Theme: The Call of Soul The collective body of initiates work for a common cause, to assist the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master to spread the message of Eckankar to all worlds including the physical universe. Each is a channel within himself, not a spiritual medium, but that through which the ECK power reaches the world. The initiate channels the power to uplift and enlighten all those within the worlds who have not been touched by the divine message of ECK. The Shariyat Ki -Sugmad Book 1 & 2, Paul Twitchell, pg. 478